True Story

So a few days ago I got up from some probably very unsatisfying, broken sleep after a night shift and trudged into the bathroom to take the obligatory shower.

I could not get the water to cooperate.  The shower was either blisteringly hot or mountain-runoff cold, and I was starting to get pretty frustrated.

Finally I turned the water off completely and got down real close to look at the knobs (being as I wasn’t wearing my glasses in the actual shower).

I remember lurching toward one of them with my big, groggy, nearsighted head and seeing a giant letter C float toward me.  I swung my head to the other side only to see a big letter H.

I was so tired that I had mentally reversed the taps.

After taking a moment to complain unreasonably about how THE STUPID KNOBS ARE ON THE WRONG &%$#ING SIDES OMG WTF, I successfully navigated the plumbing in the house where I’ve lived FOR A YEAR and took my shower.

That, my friends and neighbors, is tired.


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