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She Has the Power — Updated!


So a friend of ours is hugely pregnant.  We had nothing to do with it, but we’re very excited for her and the rest of her family, which consists of Mr. Her and the Her Girls, who are nearly exactly the ages of The Lovely Rhonda’s girls.

Mr. Her has been laid a bit low by some mysterious digestive issue — virus?  food poisoning?  nobody seems to know.  And Herself has been at least 4cm dilated and 70 percent effaced for days on end, suffering contractions that have come and gone, ready to just get this show on the road.  They were supposed to come over and hang out with us tonight for games and laffs and food, but circumstances being as they are it was decided to raincheck this.

Because we are nice people we offered to take their girls overnight and give them a break.  This isn’t just because we are nice but also will help offset the tremendous professional-quality envy that the littles have been experiencing because DELIA GOT TO HAVE A SLEEPOVER AND WE DIDN’T AND WE NEVER DO AND EVERYTHING SUCKS AND NOTHING IS FAIR EVER EVER EVER.

So yeah, we’re nice, but we’re also working this.

While she was here dropping the girls off, and bringing us the traditional bribe in the form of lattes, TLR offered to make her a mojito.

Now before you all get righteously indignant, a single alcoholic beverage won’t hurt even the pregnantest of ladies, nor their unborn spawn, and it is felt that such a beverage may help start labor in those who are teetering on the brink.

So TLR whipped her up a sort of hybrid ‘mo — as we had a lemon instead of limes — and Herself did consume it.

TLR received a text moments ago: water has broken, on way to hospital.

Says TLR:  “I win.”

THIS JUST IN:  Okay, actually we heard about it hours ago.  That baby arrived at 12:31am after a breezy, effortless labor (fervent thanks to the individual who invented the epidural) and all parties are doing well.  The Her Girls (2/3 of them, now) went home this afternoon, and our house looks only slightly worse for wear.  This isn’t because they were especially noisome or pesky but more because TLR and I are both feeling pretty crappy due to recent illnesses and after two days of expending tremendous effort to keep the home front hygienic, we are both exhausted and cranky.

Welcome to the world, Violet!