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Ridiculously satisfied with myself


So every year that it is happening The Lovely Rhonda and I attend the three nights of Dave Matthews at the Gorge Amphitheater over Labor Day. My birthday is September 7th so sometimes it’s right at my birthday which is cool.

The way Labor Dave works is that you camp for the long weekend, from Thursday to Monday, and you hang out with your friends. There is carousing and eating and drinking and whatever. The Gorge campground is a bustling place and gets rather crazy. We camp in the ADA section which is purportedly less wild and crazy than the non restricted section, of which I have heard such tales that would make your proverbial wig flip right into another dimension.

The first year that we started doing this we jokingly named our encampment Camp Morningwood because it was us boring old married two lesbians, our friend Joni (straight and unattached), and Robert (also straight and unattached). We ladies are in our forties (okay, possibly our Extremely Late Forties) while Robert is youthful. Like 30ish? We don’t actually know, because we respect his privacy.

The next year we had a few more people and I made a Camp Morningwood sign from a canvas painter’s drop cloth which we proudly display in our camp. Every year we list the year and camp inhabitants. Visitors are asked to sign. It’s a thing.

The next year after that, I made a Camp Morningwood flag with a Sharpie and a piece of white tarp material that we had hanging around camp, and we started running it up a flagpole that Robert brings every year. It has brown duct tape on it and we just punched a couple of little holes in it to string it up, like so:


Sometime over the past year or so I bought a grommet kit at Cheap Tool Store and threw it in the garage and today I actually managed to locate it and use it, which is pretty much just short of miraculous.

First I put a grommet in one of the corners of the flag and oh my gosh. It was deeply satisfying.

New hotness

I have now placed grommets in the corners of one of our drop cloths as well as both corners of the flag, and have a couple more drop cloths to go but it was starting to get warm in the garage so I’ll finish it later, likely tomorrow. (We use the drop cloths as shade panels that we hang from the sides of our pop up shelters, because I am a pink skinned Scandinavian who burns easily.)

So what I’m saying is, if you have always wanted to place grommets in things, go to Cheap Tool Store and get you a kit! It’s crazy easy!


‘Nother Update


So you guys.

I bought a belt today.

I haven’t owned a belt in literally years.

At this point I’ve lost more than ninety pounds. When I last measured myself a little over a month ago, I’d lost 26 inches off of my various body parts from pre-surgery measurements. I’ve gone from barely fitting into size 24/3x plus-sized clothing to wearing size 16/18 pants and L/XL tops.

I went to a Fred Meyer store a little while ago and had some time to kill while I waited for a prescription, so I wandered into the clothing department and by habit went straight to plus sizes.

You guys. There was no longer anything there for me. Nothing there fits me anymore.

Recently we cleaned out our closet down to the winter coats and sweaters. Everything went except a few cardigans. I bought new coats at Costco. We donated most of the clothing to a clothing swap at a friend’s church and she told me that the larger ladies there were so happy to get clothes. It was a LOT of clothing. SO MUCH. I gave some jeans to another friend and she was happy too. We’re all just so happy over here it’s almost repulsive.

The Lovely Rhonda has lost a similar amount of weight and inches and is similarly sized to me (except I’m taller and wider in the shoulder). We tried on our motorcycle gear the other day. Our jackets were ludicrous. The sleeves hung from our arms and we looked like little kids trying on grandpa’s coats. We took it all to the consignment shop and put it up for sale, and looked for new gear while we were there. TLR found a brand new ladies jacket in size large that fit her, which pleased her to no end. I found a Triumph jacket, used but in excellent shape! Men’s, so it’s a little long in the arm and snug in the waist, but I’m happy for now.

Back to the belt thing.

I’ve recently given away most of the size 20 jeans I had bought at Ross and Goodwill just a couple of months ago, having come to the conclusion that I really was going to keep losing weight even though it feels like magic and like it won’t keep happening. Today I put on some size 18s that felt suspiciously loose.

You know how jeans get kinda baggy over the course of the day? By lunch time I was over it. I happened to be going to the Danner boot outlet store anyway so while I was there hanging out with my brother I bought a belt. And now it’s holding my pants up.

I also got new boots the other day (which my brother envied, hence the trip to the Danner store where he also got new boots today) so here’s a picture of those. My old boots are also from Danner and lasted me seven years, but they are pretty trashed and not rebuildable. These are my Forever Boots, according to TLR. I can take these in and have them repaired and rebuilt if needed. I love them.