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Who knew?


So since surgery I’ve had to find alternative beverages from my once-beloved carbonated sodas. We are advised not to drink carbonated drinks anymore, and although I can belch like a longshoreman, I figure why get started again?

So, despite a life-long dislike of iced tea, I’ve started drinking Arnold Palmers which are half iced tea, half lemonade. I found lemonade to be too sweet and acidic on its own. I figured maybe cutting it with iced tea might make it tolerable.


So I’ve been having them pretty much everywhere we go because they’re usually available and I get bored of regular water.

Friends, I have to tell you. Not all Arnold Palmers are created equal. Case in point: the other day I had the worst one yet. No actual tea or citrus fruits appeared to be harmed in the making of the beverage. Well, there was a limp slice of presumably lemon floating half-heartedly in the glass so I guess that’s not technically correct. It had a vaguely lemon-adjacent flavor but I never did detect anything reminiscent of tea.

Yesterday we went to a place called The Donut Pub, which I highly recommend for tasty donuts and friendly service — and also for the best AP so far, which was strongly flavored with both lemonade and tea.

Today we’re at a little spot called Hill & Bay which has a decent if rather unassuming AP, but which also has nice chicken wings and tots.

Earlier we stopped for a pretzel in the street and I got Diet Snapple Peach Tea and I have to say — it’s GOOD. Not technically an AP, but nice to have options.

I really did try to like iced tea in the past. It seemed refreshing, is easily obtained, you can sweeten it to your liking. But I just didn’t like it. Now I do. I was told that my tastes may really change after surgery, and that’s proven to be accurate. I am not a fan of really sweet things anymore, and if I have them it’s usually just a nibble and then the kids get the rest.

Iced tea. Who knew?




So we’re taking the Collective Spawn to the East coast for a bit of sight seeing and we leave tomorrow.

One may wonder to oneself: Self? Is now the ideal time to pursue expensive travel? Now, a mere three weeks after moving into new offices and a scant two weeks into training our very competent but brand new office assistant? Is it, self?

And the answer may well be, No, it may not be the ideal time to go, but by God it’s the time we’re going! Because The Lovely Rhonda hath decreed it be so, and who are we to deny this woman her dreams?

We’re starting off in Boston, home of the Tea Party and baked beans and some other stuff.


Boston was swell. We took the subway and then bus directly to the Airbnb — an extremely clean, entirely white top floor unit of a triple decker building. The floors were recently refinished and very shiny hardwood. There was absolutely no art or bric-a-brac anywhere in the apartment. There were also absolutely no extra pillows or blankets, so we were one pillow short and a little chilly. The owner was out of town so no help there. Still, like the founding pilgrims, we forged on despite hardship.

We used a hop on, hop off tour to see the major sights and soak up a bit of the history, and then ventured off to the things that seemed interesting. We saw the reproduction ships and museum of the Tea Party, visited the Museum of Fine Arts, took a day trip to Salem, went to the New England Aquarium, took a harbor cruise. We ate dinner in Little Italy and had cannoli from Mike’s Pastry. We are fried clams at Legal Seafood and they were delicious.

I personally average about a half mile to a mile per day of steps at home, which has been normal for me for years what with the general state of disrepair of my knees and feet, obesity, etc. It’s bumped up a bit since the surgery as I now take the dogs to the park a couple of times per week (ish) and walk at least twice around the gravel path, which is a half mile in length. This trip, so far, we’re in the 4 miles per day range. My feet and knees are definitely feeling it but I’m not dying. Mostly. I take prescribed codeine to take the edge off on very bad days and haven’t had to hit it as hard as I did when we went to Europe a few years ago.

Right now we’re in New York City, which I’ve never been to before. It’s a trip, you guys! Once again we’re taking the subway and bus around, we had a hop on hop off tour, and we’re doing a harbor cruise tomorrow.

Today was Pride so we got to see a sort of half-assed not-quite-post-Covid version of Pride. There was no official parade but the route it would have taken was barricaded along the sidewalks anyway. It wasn’t blocked at the streets so whatever did sporadically go by (mostly groups of various sorts with signs, or a couple of times balloon-encrusted cars bearing the parade marshals, and sometimes rainbow-bedecked Ordinary Citizens with a momentary need for attention) had to pause at the intersections, and there were police officers there to direct traffic. We went on a Pride walking tour which was very informative and worth the time, although it being the middle of Pride it was difficult to get around to the various sites. At the end of it we found ourselves joining the March which was also a good time. Who doesn’t love chanting about dismantling the patriarchy with thousands of scantily clad rainbow-decked queers? It was worth going for the people-watching alone.

Also, the Teletubbies were in attendance and gave me a pair of socks so that was pretty cool.

Tomorrow we’re going to the 9-11 Memorial and on a harbor cruise, and to Ellis Island. And whatever other trouble we can find to get into.