Car stuff


So I spent some time today cleaning the back seat of my car. Well, it wasn’t so much cleaning as it was recoiling in horror as I ran the carpet cleaner hand attachment over the upholstery. I am going to operate under the assumption that something was spilled in the back seat, like a dark brown coffee drink of some kind. This will enable me to sleep at night.

There. Now you can have nightmares too.

As I have previously mentioned, this car was mine for about 14 years, from new, and then I sold it to a friend’s son, who is super awesome but young and works in construction. This means the entire interior was coated in a sometimes heavy layer of grime. I have spent a fair amount of time scrubbing this grime from every surface imaginable.

Still to do: scrub part of roof rack area with toothbrush to remove crusty stuff in crevices. Polish the passenger doors and clean the inside door jamb area. De-hair the rear cargo area floor mat thing and the cargo area cover thing. Install floor mats. Clean interior windows.

Also: take car by mechanic to have them listen to the weird noise it makes at idle.

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