Baggy shorts


So I have a favorite pair of knee length jeans shorts that I’ve worn for years. Then I couldn’t wear them anymore because they were too small. I didn’t get rid of them because of reasons having to do with how much I loved them and how much I wanted to wear them again someday.

I’m wearing them today and they’re baggy. Not crazy big baggy but there’s room in them.

We went though our t-shirts and divided them into four piles: now, try again in a month, make into a quilt, Goodwill. Then I tackled all the very many pants (mostly capris) that I had to try on every time we went somewhere warm on vacation because most of them didn’t fit.

They all fit and most of them are pretty loose.

Also I’ve started getting wedgies. I haven’t had this problem for years. You don’t get wedgies if your underpants are snug. Apparently my underpants are no longer snug. I think this is called a non scale victory, but I’m not sure how victorious I’m feeling?

I’m less than one pound shy of fifty pounds lost. I have plenty more to go, but I’m happy with my progress so far.

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