Busy day


So almost four weeks ago we had surgery and I’ve lost 45 pounds so far.

I can now put shoes on and lace them up and tie them while still sitting, rather than having to get up and do it from a standing position. I couldn’t do that before. If I drop something at my feet while sitting I can bend down and pick it up without getting up. I couldn’t do that either.

I have these shitty flat feet, which led to arthritis in my ankles and knees, and I detached (permanently) a significant portion of my left hamstring a few years ago, so I’m hobbled on a good day. Typically I avoid walking when possible because I have only a limited amount of time on my feet.

Today I took the dogs to the dog park and walked twice around, then trudged slowly around the tulip festival, then spent some time cleaning the Mazda. I’ve done more today than I used to do in a week.

My feet are seriously killing me and I will spend tomorrow doing things that don’t require much walking. But still.

In the ongoing saga of the Mazda, I have now cleaned both front seats using the carpet cleaner. They are marginally cleaner, judging from the filthy brown water that came out. I have wiped down the entire dash and applied Armor-All to it. I spent some time cleaning the parts of the inside of the hatch that you only see when it’s open, all around the edges, where filth accumulates and if you live in a damp climate, moss will also grow. It’s less dirty. Every time I clean it another layer of filth comes off.

The truth of the matter is that the car will always be worn out and old, but at least it will be cleaner and smell better? I am so looking forward to washing the windows on the inside.

Oh and the little aluminum cap on the gear shift came off. I intend to decorate it and glue it back on. It used to have the shift pattern on it but has been worn completely smooth with twenty years and nearly 250k miles of driving!

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