Week Three update


So it’s been a little over three weeks out. Where am I at here?

Today I’m wearing a shirt that previously fit over my ever expanding girth pretty well prior to surgery. Now it looks like I’m a kid wearing their dad’s shirt.

I’m wearing jeans that I stopped wearing a while back because they were uncomfortable. They are slightly loose around my knees and fit just fine.

I’ve lost 44 pounds.

I am branching out, trying little dabs of regular foods and so far it’s worked out fine. I am not great at drinking enough but I’m working on it. I usually get at least 60g of protein in per day which is the recommendation. Calorie wise I’m usually in the 600 per day range, which is creeping up to the recommended 800-1000 daily intake as I am able to eat more foods.

There’s a plateau that’s pretty common at about three weeks and sure enough, I’ve reached it. I get on the scale every day just out of curiosity — the weight loss is often very rapid and I’m interested in seeing how the numbers move, but I’m not worried if they don’t move — and the past three days there has been zero change.

I’m still glad we did this and have no regrets.

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