Like Frosting On A Turd


Got the jalopy back from the shop today. She got a new battery and cables. So now she’s a) 1/5 clean on the inside, b) got reasonably clean wheels, and c) somewhat more likely to start reliably.

I got home and had juuuust enough time to do one tiny thing to it this evening before it got dark, so I got out my handy headlight restoration kit and painstakingly followed the instructions on the box. Well, except for the part where I didn’t use a cotton cloth because what I had handy was a microfiber shop rag. But other than that I did. I even got some blue painter’s tape so I didn’t slop any of the patented petroleum product onto the pristine paint.

Anyway I know both of you are interested in seeing the before and the after so here you go:


I mean, sure the paint is flaking off the hood and the interior still smells like Mildewy Eau de Construction Worker Dude, but check out those headlights, amirite??

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