Monthly Archives: September 2018

Full blown potato


Today I’m at work and in my job as the Head Bossy Pants of Stuff I occasionally get to purchase embarrassing personal hygiene supplies of various types.  And nicotine replacements, and ice cream sandwiches, and sometimes specialty medical items.  It’s a rich life I lead.

Today I was tasked with getting pregnancy tests because sometimes we get patients who might need a test even though they just got one down at the ED before they came here.  Timing is a thing.  Also if you happen to be a touch delusional or psychotic or maybe all of the above, or even maybe just kind of paranoid, you might just *think* you could be preggo even if it’s scientifically impossible due to your age/gender/lack of sexual activity/general hygiene level.  Although you’d be surprised how unconcerned a lot of folks can be about that last item.

So I’m on Amazon and I end up reading reviews on one of the many options and here it is for you to enjoy because you probably need a laugh.

PG test review