Monthly Archives: October 2017

Saturday when you have a surprise


Sadly not the good kind of surprise, although not really bad either: when you are expecting a kid-free interlude, as you normally have every other weekend, and two days before you are informed that no, you will have kids.  If you are the sort of extroverted introvert that I am, this is not great news in that all the glorious alone time you were anticipating suddenly winks out of existence, but only a truly churlish and selfish person will do more than mourn for a few minutes and move on.  Like, you know, I’m trying to.

So far it’s been a pretty productive day overall.  I have done many laundries.  I have had the oil changed in the car.  I shall now travel to the musical instrument purveyor to have the youngest child’s rental trumpet inspected for some kind of mysterious malfunction.  I have put away some things and failed to put away other things and really, really come to grips with the several things that I need to spend tomorrow doing, such as swilling out the office.  The youngest child, by some miracle, has managed to actually make headway in the cleaning of her room.  (Pointing out that even her less-well-organized sister’s room is in better shape may have helped in this regard.)

Tomorrow I’ll be cleaning the office, and then researching a project that I held out in front of myself throughout the long, tedious slog through the master’s degree: the building of an astromech droid.  From scratch.  By me.  I’ll have to learn a few new skills: working with wood, styrene, electronic components.  But I am really looking forward to it, and now anyone wanting to know what I would like for any gifting holiday will get the same answer: “… uh, let me just send you a link to my wish list on GoogleDrive…”

In other news, the children are all doing well, the wife is trudging wearily through nurse practitioner school, and the chickens are laying eggs.  Well, one is molting and looks a fright, but everybody else is laying eggs.  And a little bird is hopping around on the back porch looking for bugs.

Also my back patio slider really needs a good cleaning.  Ugh.