Dental Insurance Is Hard, You Guys


I rarely post about work but this is too funny not to share.

Rhonda is on my dental benefits and they requested we submit a copy of the marriage license.  We did this in 2015.

Recently we found that she had been dropped from my dental insurance because

Hi Debra,

Apparently there was an issue with the marriage license we received back in 2015. It showed that it expired on 2/6/13 so your spouse was removed. I can add her back on Dental effective 1/1/17.
Thanks, (HR person)

…Okay, so first off it might have been nice for them to have told me this, but okay. I’m easy.

I said that I needed her added back for last year since we had dental bills that should have been covered last year.  I was sent the following:

Good afternoon Debra,
Unfortunately, since the attached documentation appeared not to be valid during your new hire enrollment, your spouse was dropped from Dental. As a courtesy, we are enrolling her now however, we still don’t have a valid marriage certificate. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks, (HR person)


I was sent a copy of the license with a circle around the offending article.

I sent it back having marked it for clarity.  Can’t wait to hear back!


Stay tuned for further thrilling installments of THE MARRIAGE LICENSE THAT ALMOST WASN’T!



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