So about a week ago the youngest child, Cindy Lou Who,  came down with a nasty cold.

Yesterday The Lovely Rhonda started to feel crappy, and today she spent all day more or less in bed and says she doesn’t know if she’s EVER been this sick.

I just sneezed four times in a row and my eyes are scratchy.

I think it might be coming for me.

Here’s the thing, though.

When you TYPICAL people feel a cold coming on, it’s like you get to spin a wheel like on Wheel of Fortune.  And here’s what YOUR wheel looks like:

spin the wheel for normal people

Don’t pretend this isn’t your wheel. You suck.

But I’m not LIKE you people anymore, for reasons that my nurse practitioner cannot fathom, and when I feel a cold coming on my wheel looks more like this:

spin the wheel

I hate all of you until the cold medicine kicks in again.

So yeah.  You can all just bite me.


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