This thing which happened, part one


So about ten years ago this thing happened which was that I got pregnant with Elder Spawn.   She is now nine years old.

At that time I owned a BMW motorcycle and a little Honda Scrambler, both “vintage.”

In motorcycling terms “vintage” can mean “really old and cool” or it can also mean “kind of old and a huge pain in the ass because you have to repair it constantly.”  I’d say these bikes could fit both of these meanings comfortably.  But I digress.

I also owned a certain amount of cycling gear like a full set of custom Langlitz leathers and such.

I dislike loose ends, and I didn’t want to maintain — expensively, probably — motorcycles that I would not have time to ride, so I sold the whole lot.  It was painful, but my life was moving in a different direction and it just didn’t make sense to keep any of it.

So for ten years I’ve been waiting.  And when I met The Lovely Rhonda I told her of my motorcycling history, and she was interested in getting motorcycles one day.

And that day has come.

garaged bikes

One day recently I found myself driving home and having a conversation with TLR via cellphone about how Gary gets to get a motorcycle and I want a motorcycle and I know it’s still a ways off but I want one now.  Whine whine whine.

I didn’t really mean anything by it except that I had a yearning and it was uncomfortable.  Like an itch in an embarrassing place, but in my brain.

Gary is a coworker whose wife has given him the green light to buy a motorcycle.  They moved here from the East coast and he sold his motorcycle before they moved and now he gets to get a new one.  He told me this a couple of weeks ago.  And it planted a seed.

So as I wheedled and whined my way home that afternoon TLR said this thing which figuratively speaking stopped me in my tracks:  Come home and change clothes and let’s go look at a motorcycle.

It didn’t literally stop me because freeway.

So I put on long pants and my trusty old boots and off we went.

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