So before The Lovely Rhonda and I got married in January, we toyed with the idea of having a shooting party as a bachelorette party, but the time just wasn’t right for that.  Plus it was going to be hella spendy.  So we went to a drag club instead.  Hurrah!

This does have bearing on current events.  Have patience.

A few days ago TLR began insinuating that she had mysterious plans for me on Sunday.

Unbeknownst to me she had been plotting and scheming for a good couple of weeks.  AND had ensnared one of my co-workers into her nefarious plans.

The past few days were spent contemplating what this could be.  I was told to reserve a couple of hours, so it couldn’t be driving out to the hot springs.  She wouldn’t be this mysterious over going to a movie.  She knows my feet have been bothersome lately so she wouldn’t probably be planning some kind of marching-about-in-the-headlands type of thing.  What could it be?

I asked a few pointed questions.

There will be other people there?


Would there be nudity?


Is it going to take place out of doors?


What sort of terrain might one expect to encounter?  (This is a valid concern due to aforementioned foot problems, but also totally a ploy to get her to spill some clues.)

Um, I’m not sure.

What about —


She did tell me, wear sturdy shoes and a crew-necked shirt.  With long sleeves.

Finally the day arrived and I dressed accordingly and climbed, rather trustingly I thought, into the car.  We drove off, TLR fussing along the way about getting lunch and oh we need gas and so forth.

And then we turned into the parking lot bearing a curious little sign: “ENGLISH PIT SHOOTING RANGE.”

There we met up with one of  my coworkers, Sandy, who was busy renting guns and purchasing ammunition.  She’d brought her own weaponry with her also.

So it was that I spent a good couple of hours shooting the absolute crap out of a couple of posters of zombies.


TLR enjoyed some of the mayhem as well.


And of course Sandy showed ’em a few things too.sandy shooting zombies

Did I enjoy it?


This gun range is pretty interesting.  I especially enjoyed how the gravel around the doorway to the stand you fire from was not gravel.  It was spent casings.


Also I liked the way the wall was pockmarked with dings from the spent casings flying through the air and hitting it.  walls

I know what I want for Christmas.


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