Sneaky Moms


So we have a lot of children.

Okay, we have three.

Three is like a lot if they are girls.  These girls.  These three girls.

We also happen to have a small amount of “extra” money due to unforeseen circumstances, and we have spring break.

And we are sneaky, especially The Lovely Rhonda.

Sneaky Rhondas plus internet = vacation fun times.

So, we are packing up some stuff in bags and then we are going to this place we’ve heard about in California.

We’re not telling the Collective Spawn.

We have to get up super early on the day of departure, so we’re going to tell them to plug in their various electronic babysitters the night before, because “we have a lot of super dull grown-up errands to run tomorrow so we don’t want you to be too bored.”  We will apologize in advance for all the tedium and say that perhaps, if everyone is well-behaved, we might go to the dollar store or something along the way.

Then in the morning we will get them up at the crack of dawn and our friend Kirsten will pick us up and take us to the airport, and so it will come to pass that they will learn that we are going somewhere, possibly on an airplane.

Probably when they learn that we are going to Los Angeles the oldest child might figure out that we are headed to that one place we’ve heard about.  She will then inform the others, and we will neither confirm nor deny.

I plan to play dumb until the great big gates hove into view of the shuttle, saying instead that we are no doubt visiting the World’s Largest Ball of Twine or something.

And then we will enter the Happiest Place on Earth, and the magic will begin.

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