More About Valentine’s Day


So last night The Lovely Rhonda’s girls were getting their Valentine’s cards done for school today.  My kid had already had her Valentine party at school because her teacher is off for a few days starting today and didn’t want to miss it, so they had it yesterday.

We weren’t paying that much attention to what the middle child was doing with hers until she was nearly done.  The Valentine’s cards she had picked out were the kind that come with a sticker that you were supposed to insert into the card so that the recipient would then have a groovy sticker as well as the card.  But she was very carefully peeling every sticker off its backing and affixing it to the cards, one by one.

For some reason my big fat stupid mouth opened and I said, “Oh no, you’re not supposed to do that.  The stickers are supposed to go inside the cards… but… and you’re almost done… and… ”

And at that point I wanted to turn back time because now this poor kid, this poor seven-year-old kid who has already had kind of a rough evening, is sniffling and sobbing about how she did them all wrong as she very sadly finishes putting the stickers on the cards.

So yeah, I felt super good about that.  I just looked at TLR and said, “What is wrong with me?  Why did I say that?”  And she didn’t have a good answer either, because there wasn’t one.

So I grabbed the car keys and said, “You know what?  I’m going to go get  you a new box of Valentines cards because I don’t want you to be sad on Valentine’s Day.”  And I raced to the store and got not just a new box of cards but a box of cupcakes too.  Because I made a kid cry for no reason but my own inability to shut my face.

And I got some flowers for TLR because her gift has not arrived yet.

This is just not my year for holidays.  I kind of blew her birthday present too.

After I got home I sat with the kid and she addressed them and I folded them and put the stickers inside, and everything was okay after that.

This parenting thing.  It’s exhausting.


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  1. OMG. I love this story. Not the part about being unable to shut your face, which freaking made me laugh btw. But that you made everything right and even BETTER that it was before. You are so awesome. Except for the making your kid almost cry thing.

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