The Weddin’ — Part I


So I got married on Saturday.

It was, you know, kind of okay.  I guess.

Actually, I got married twice.

The first time was at Starbucks.



Because, we needed to get married in Washington.  And our church is in Oregon.

So, we met the minister at the Starbucks down the way and we all got lattes and things to eat and then the children sat at a different table with the babysitter while we sat with Pastor Don and got the legalities out of the way.  The other Starbucks patrons probably thought we were meeting with our realtor or something, except that Don was all gussied up with the clerical collar and all that.

He asked us the questions and we gave him the answers and we signed the papers and there was a kiss.

And then one of the kids spilled her juice all over the kids’ table.

spilled apple juice

Such is married life, already.

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