So yesterday I woke up Angry, and the other six dwarves: Cranky, Pissy, Funky, Disorganized, Impatient, and Depressive.

I suspect this was a combination of hormones (because I am elderly) and a delayed reaction to what happened in Connecticut.

Those babies.  Those teachers.  Those families.  My heart hurts.  I think everybody’s heart hurts right now.

I’m not engaging in the gun control vs. mental health funding debate going fast and furious on Facebook, because I am not that kind of person.

Hello, I work in mental health.  I’m always going to be pro-mental-health-care-accessibility.  Which means funding.

And, although I don’t enjoy the thought of anyone shooting anything living, I’m not anti-gun.  Look how well it works to outlaw drugs.

So, I don’t know the answers.  And I don’t want to debate them here.

I just know that yesterday was a hard day for me with very little joy in it.  I did a bit of holiday shopping and found that I could not make up my mind about anything, so even a few small purchases seemed to consume half the day.  I did manage to pick up some silvery metallic hose to wear to the wedding.


And school.  And Christmas.

What were we thinking?

Today will be better, perhaps.  Already I woke up and thought, I will try on The Dress with The Silvery Hose and The Shoes. 

Everyone should have a shiny black dress with a smart little jacket that channels the spirit of Lucille Ball, and shoes that look pretty swell and don’t hurt to walk in.

And just now, the small cat discovered the cursor and batted at the monitor quite fetchingly, and also attempted to make off with my fuzzy hat which she has been sleeping on every chance she gets.   Come to think of it, yesterday afternoon when I got home I sat down on the couch for some quality time with The World’s Most Affectionate Cat and soon found myself with all three cats and two dogs curled up within five feet of where I sat.  It may account for the slight lightening of my mood by the time The Lovely Rhonda got home.  She is very tolerant of me and deserves a medal.

I’m staying home to avoid inflicting myself on anyone in case this is infectious.  I’ll get some stuff done and it will make me feel calmer.  Tomorrow will be a better day.

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  1. It’s hard not to think of all the families of those innocent victims. The whole thing is a sad mess.

    Tomorrow will be better, and the day after that too…. before you know if you’ll be happily hitched to TLR! 🙂

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