So this morning the children decided to play some board games in the living room.

We had the tremendous foresight to locate the bookshelf full of board games directly to one side of our bedroom door, which opens conveniently right square into the living room.  This is because our bedroom used to be the garage, or part of it.  At any rate, in this way we can keep a sharp eye right from our bed on what the children choose to do in the mornings, provided they decide to do this in the living room.  Luckily for us they often do, and we don’t even have to strain our ears because they also choose to do it at the top of their lungs.

This morning, for what I believe may have been the first time, they broke out the “Battleship” game handed down to us from a neighbor who was moving away.

For a bit of background, my brother and I had a “Battleship” game.  I remember that it had two consoles, one red and one blue, and as I was the younger I was pretty much obligated to always be the red console.  To this day I never choose red if given a choice.  I didn’t like “Battleship” all that much but it was definitely better than “Stratego,” which bored the living crap out of me.  He would ask me to play and I would say no and he would then bargain, offering to play as many as five games of “Sorry” in exchange for my listless participation in just one game of “Stratego.”  Ah, fond memories of childhood.

This morning they merrily sang out combinations of letters and numbers, or, in the case of the youngest, randomly chosen letters OR numbers.  Occasionally someone would score a hit.  Some time into it I realized that the expected sequence of events, wherein the lucky scorer would choose combinations near the hit to ferret out the rest of the ship and sink it, wasn’t really following.

By this time we were both awake so I asked The Lovely Rhonda wonderingly, “So… do you think they’ll ever realize they should try to choose locations near the hit?”

And she answered, without skipping a beat, “… Nope.”

And we laughed and laughed.  Because it was totally true.

And then there was shouting and the game had to be put away.  The End.



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