Back to the grind


So tomorrow I have to go back to work.  Which kinda sucks.  I do love my job but I still feel pretty crappy a lot of the time, and when I look at the things I want to get done today I feel like I have to ration my energy.  I went to the store yesterday — actually to three stores, two for just a few minutes each and one fairly short grocery run — and it wiped me out.  So I know that working tomorrow will wipe me out.

I have had pneumonia only once since I was a child and that was more the “walking pneumonia” kind, so this has taken me by surprise.  I talk a good game while I’m sitting here in front of my computer expending very little energy but the truth of the matter is that I get tired out just by folding a load of laundry.  Yesterday was the first day I felt like leaving the house — for me this is significant, because I don’t stay home.  Even when Delia was a screamy horrible baby who screamed a lot, and I was a bewildered and exhausted new mom, I left the house at least once a day nearly every day because I couldn’t stand to stay home.  And since she hated both the stroller and the car seat with every fiber of her being, I carried her in a front pack even though it made my spinal column feel like it would snap in two.  I carried her around and I went places because I. Do. Not. Stay. Home.

Also?  I don’t nap.  But right now I tip over if I sit on the couch in front of even an interesting show.

So yeah.  Feeling crappy.  Tired out.  Still coughing and congested.

But!  Not contagious!  And rapidly running out of paid time off!  And can’t afford unpaid time off!

See you guys at work tomorrow!


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