By Way of Explanation


So last weekend  we went to Seattle to see the traveling King Tut exhibit.  I saw it when it toured in 1978 and didn’t want to miss this, since I have heard that Egypt will not be allowing most of its antiquities to travel much in coming years.  They are repatriating their lost treasures and want to encourage tourism.  I can’t blame them, but I think it’s unfortunate for those of us who may never have the opportunity to travel that far.

At any rate, I greatly enjoyed it but was dragging myself around pretty pathetically.  I had had a crappy head cold for about a week and it didn’t seem to want to part company, and going to Seattle always seems to involve way more walking than I typically care to engage in.  But I survived.

Only to return to work a surprise night shift Sunday night!  Hooray!  Even though I slept most of the day after, and the night after that, I still didn’t feel too hot as of Wednesday and now the pesky cough was so deliciously juicy that coworkers gave me a larger-than-usual amount of space.  I can almost swear I saw some of them shudder and make the sign of the cross as I passed.

Nevertheless I soldiered on and even dragged myself to see “Memphis” last night with The Lovely Rhonda.  We have season tickets to this “Broadway Across America” thing and it was the first show of the season.  I ate so many cough drops I got a little menthol buzz going on and my teeth were fuzzy, but I didn’t cough too much.  Nobody loves a cougher at a show.

In the wee hours I woke up — again with the coughing! — and found that in the position I was laying, I could hear a funny wheezy gurgly sound coming from my chest.  And I could feel a horrible wet feeling in my left lung.  And the things I was coughing up!  Don’t even get me started.

No really, please don’t.  You’ll regret it.

I’m a psych nurse and not really up on all this medical-malady thing so much anymore, but this all seemed like kind of a bad thing.

I went to see my medical provider today, having been ordered gently pressured to do so  by TLR, and after the usual niceties she listened to my lungs.  And spent a looooong time on that left area.

So yeah.  Nothing big, just sinusitis.

And pneumonia.

Just that.

No big.


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