So you’d think that since I moved in with The Lovely Rhonda four years ago, I’d have finished unpacking.  But no.

Four years ago we moved into a 900 square foot, 2-bedroom apartment with our three children.  Obviously my boxes of mementos and books (those unrelated to nursing school) and china had to go somewhere.  I was too broke to rent a storage unit, and my old friend Helen volunteered a corner of her basement to the cause.  I will forever be indebted to her for this.

I well remember TLR backing her ex-husband’s cargo van up Helen’s narrow driveway and the two of us hauling box after box of my crap downstairs.  We’d been moving for days already and with my structurally-challenged feet, I was really feeling it.  But somehow we managed.

Three years ago we moved into the house we live in now.  I couldn’t move my things from Helen’s because the garage was filled with a commercial freezer that TLR’s ex eventually had to dismantle to remove.  Then we were occupied with dividing the garage into half and building our room, and there has been drama of various types, and suddenly I came to realize that my crap was still squatting in Helen’s basement, an unlovely vestige of upheaval, and it has been there for  four years.  And it’s time to get it out of there, even though the garage-remnant is stuffed full of construction things and bicycles and you name it.  So yesterday our friend Josh met me at Helen’s and we hauled boxes up the stairs and slid them into the minivan.

There is still a small sideboard and an antique dresser there, and my frame pack.  I will get those things in a couple of weeks.  But it’s a start!

And so I have spent today sifting through boxes of books — the vast majority of the boxes are filled with books — and choosing those that can stay, and those that must go.  At the time that I packed these boxes  I was under considerable duress and didn’t have a lot of time.  I have found some pleasant surprises and some books that I don’t have strong feelings about. Probably a quarter of them will be finding new homes, but I still want to keep the rest.

We will need another bookcase, I think.

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