On the good ship Gingersnap


So my daughter has always loved me to tell her stories, and often these stories involve pirates and/or cats.

The other night she asked if we could write down some stories so she could make a book.  We’ve started on it.  Delia’s Pirate Stories.  She supplies ideas and illustrations and I flesh them out and type them into the computer.  Eventually we will print them up and maybe even bind them into a book.  There tends to be an entourage watching while we do this.  It’s a family affair.

The first chapters have to do with finding a treasure map (of course) and by the end of chapter two we ended up having pirates on opposing ships engaging in a word war.  They shout insults at one another over the railings.  One of them calls “opposites!”   I was typing this up and asked the middle spawn to help me think of a good opposite insult.  The first cabin boy had called the second cabin boy a “total genius.”  What should the reply be?  She thought for a moment and said, “Well… since it’s an opposite…”

Which is how the second cabin boy ended up yelling, “I LOVE YOU!” to the first.


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