If there were any doubts before


So this morning The Lovely Rhonda assisted her youngest, age 5, with a bit of room cleaning.  This was after the 5-year-old was convinced that it was in her best interests to cooperate with said room cleaning since the alternative was that she would not enjoy the pool with the other kids this afternoon but would instead sit on the sidelines doing nothing.

TLR emerged with some toys that her kid no longer wanted.  “She’s definitely my kid,” says TLR, “she’s just ruthless with this kind of thing.”

Moments later I found myself at the sink assisting my own progeny with scrubbing her beloved Crocs which have become grimy with summer usage.  She then insisted that I leave her to scrub them herself.  It was evident that she gained tremendous satisfaction in getting them as clean as she could.  If Crocs could sparkle, these would.

She’s definitely my kid.


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