Hello again Mr. Pratchett


So today I did find a pair of work shoes, not the ones I was looking for but a fine pair of shoes if I do say so, and on sale:

I had a pair of shoes much like these once upon a time and I wore the living crap out of them.  I anticipate a similar experience with this pair.

Since I was close to a Goodwill store I popped in to indulge in my guilty pleasure: rummaging through the used books for Terry Pratchett titles.  (Here is a previous post regarding this curious pastime)

Oh internets.  I was not disappointed.  There they sat, in a neat row, looking completely unread they were in such pristine condition: NINE paperback titles.  I was fairly sure that I didn’t have most of them, doubting perhaps two, and at $1.99 each I could afford to be wrong (or else swap mine out for ones in better condition).   I snatched them up with a girlish cry of delight.

Once I was home I checked them against my slowly-expanding library of Pratchetts and found that I was correct in doubting the two — but one of them is a bit raggedy and can be traded.  The other, however, is a hardbound book club edition published in 1987 and sporting what is arguably some of the worst dust-jacket art of all time, and I cannot bear to part with it.  I bought it for four bucks at Goodwill and I see now that it is being offered at upwards of $20.00 plus shipping for a copy on various sites. So I shall keep mine and find a new home for the extra copy.


Oh, life is good, internets.  New shoon and new books.  I wish the same to you all.

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