So I’ve been embroiled in a stressful thing of late.  I cannot blog or Facebook about it because I’m just not quite that stupid, but suffice to say that it’s stressful.

It turns out that I carry my stress in my head and neck.  I wake up with my jaws hurting from clenching my teeth, and my neck gets very sore when things are especially bad.  I also don’t sleep when I’m stressed.  I suck at going to bed at a decent hour anyway, and it’s much worse when bad things are going on.

In the past week things have lightened up a bit (and let’s not forget The Lovely Rhonda’s victory over the dealership) so I’m feeling less horrible.  I’m still not good at going to bed and I always grit my teeth in my sleep, but I feel better overall.

But a side effect of gaining some relief from the stressful thing is that I’m exhausted.  Like, I can barely keep my eyes open all day.  I find myself wishing I could just lie down on the conference table at work and let the meeting go on around me while I just rest my eyes for a few minutes.  I have catnapped in the van when I’ve arrived fifteen minutes early for an appointment.  I haven’t been this sleepy since my first trimester.

(And no, I’m not pregnant.  Wouldn’t that be a tough one to explain!)

So look!  Even though it’s not even midnight, I’m going to bed!


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