Municorns, ohay!


So Rhonda’s youngest has ear tubes now.  When she insisted that the television be turned up constantly, we finally realized that her charming speech patterns and “selective hearing” were really signs that she actually couldn’t hear much at all — much to The Lovely Rhonda’s chagrin and crippling guilt, that special guilt that only mothers are burdened with at times like these — and these wonderful ear tubes have alleviated that issue such that her hearing is normal now.

Her speech is improving over time, so it is our hope that she won’t need speech therapy in the long run.  Meanwhile we enjoy her spin on certain words.  My daughter’s name is Delia but we often call her Yaya, and the entire house can be heard to use “ohay!” instead of okay.

The latest came about yesterday when the girls went to a paint-your-own ceramics party for a friend’s birthday.  They each got to paint a little figurine which will be fired and can be picked up next week.

The oldest painted an owl.

The middle child, a cat.

And the youngest?

A “municorn.”


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