On Phone Manners


So my kid’s last day of 2nd grade was yesterday.  She came home with the usual portfolio of works created during the school year as well as a little booklet her teacher had made for each of the kids.  The booklet was titled “My Autograph Book” and inside I found names and phone numbers of about half the kids in her class.  I thought this was cute and charming.

We don’t have a home phone anymore.  We had one for ages and found that we never used it and we got lots of calls for previous holders of our phone number.  The most recent of these appeared to be both non-English-speaking and disinclined to pay their bills in a timely fashion.  It’s so rewarding to get those calls at 8am on a Sunday.  So we finally just quit having a home phone, and The Lovely Rhonda and I both have cell phones.

So the upshot of all of this is that I have 8-year-old children calling my cellphone asking for my daughter while I am at work, or leaving awkward voicemails to the same effect.  If I am very lucky, the child will speak intelligibly and possibly even mention their own name.  And I am learning to talk them through the process of finding a piece of paper and a pencil and taking down the number at my ex’s when she’s over there.

I think we may have to get a home phone again.


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