A conversation


So last night I was tucking my newly-8-year-old child into bed.

This child was once a screamy ball of mushy unformed screaminess, so I am consistently surprised every day to turn around and find her head somewhere near my shoulder.  So I did that thing that moms do wherein we marvel at the growth (so very unexpected!) and development (TOO SOON MAKE IT STOP) of our precious babies.

As you might guess, we’ve had this conversation before.

Me: Where did that little baby go that I used to have?  Where did she go?

Delia (rolling eyes): I ate her.

Me:  Is that how you got so tall?  I thought that was from drinking your milk and and eating your fruits and vegetables.

Delia (deadpan monotone):  Babies are protein.

At this point the conversation deteriorated because I dissolved into uncontrollable laughter.


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