Barbarians at the gate


So a long time ago a friend of mine dragged me over to her roommate’s new Internet Cafe.  Remember those?  Back when we didn’t all have smartphones with unlimited data packages?

He had just opened the cafe a few weeks before and it was early in the day when we stopped by.  He gave us a tour and since there weren’t any customers trickling in quite yet that day, offered to let us play games for a little while.  He fired up Diablo 2 and away we went.

I was hooked in an hour’s time.  I played that game for ages.  It was the gateway drug for bigger, badder games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Diablo 3 is coming out soon, and a guy I know (Hi Josh!) let me have a look at the beta test.  It’s upgraded with more detailed graphics, but still retains the flavor of the old game.  I spent a glorious couple of hours playing a toon to level 10 and reveling in those things that were the same, mostly the incidental game sounds. Gold whirling from a body as  you killed it, the fwongggg sound of a town portal opening, that sort of thing.  It was like I went back in time.

Tonight I searched Youtube and found some videos of the Secret Cow Level to show Josh, and then I came across a song somebody mixed using sounds from Diablo 2.  I was hoping to hear the complaints you get when you’re playing a barbarian and your bags are full and you try to pick up one more item from that bad guy you just annihilated with your whirlwind attack.  And I was not disappointed.

I am overburdened.   I can’t carry anymore. 

I’ve been quoting these to The Lovely Rhonda and at last she got to hear them as they exist in nature.   Let the circle be unbroken.


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