Dear Homophobe,


So I have a few friends on FB who are actually people I went to high school with and haven’t seen since then.  Some of them seem like people I’d actually hang out with, others not so much, but in general it’s nice to keep in touch and have a little window into what goes on in their worlds.

In general.

On Monday, Gov. Gregoire signed a bill in the state of Washington allowing same sex couples to marry.  You can imagine how someone like me might feel about this.  Because, as either of you might be aware, I am in fact a lesbian.  So this means that The Lovely Rhonda and I could conceivably get legally married, provided the poor law isn’t referendumed to death.  (Is “referendumed” a word?  It is now!)  We’ll know in a few months.

Today a guy I went to high school with who professes himself a Christian just posted:

Washington must be so proud, so glad I don’t live there anymore

He then commented on his own post,

I still love it up there! Even though most people up there reject GOD… let them have their homosexual marriage. It means absolutely nothing to me except that the door is being knocked on 🙂

I’m not sure why he felt the need to declare that “most people up there reject GOD,” since as near as I can tell a whole bunch of us are actually Christians, or if you want to expand your definition of GOD a bit, are fairly devout worshippers of some kind of deity.  Evidently not his particular one, though, hence the exclusion.

So anyway I could not let this pass, so I made some kind of comment to the contrary, mentioning words that I felt were somewhat fitting such as “bigoted” and “homophobe,” and saying something along the lines of “it’s too bad you feel the need to spread hate instead of love.”

Then, of course, I had to unfriend him.  As the sole proprieter of my page, I get to limit the amount of homophobic bullshit that I am forced to view there.

His reply was as one might predict, defensive.  It’s fine, he has the right to his views, certainly.  But what capped it was this line:  But go ahead and call me whatever you want.  Just know that this “bigot,” as you claim, is overseas protecting your right to do so.

I hardly think that serving overseas has jack to do with any of this.  My issue isn’t about free speech.  It’s about being a second class citizen because of who I love.  If you’re going to defend anything, why don’t you defend the right of any couple of legal age to get married under the law and leave your conservative religious views about how marriage is a “sacred bond between a man and a woman” out of the transaction?  None of that shit is relevant to me and my family.

Serving overseas is a tremendous sacrifice and all that, I don’t make light of it and I support all you guys, but don’t pull the military service trump card to out-holy this issue.  I don’t care if you’re in Afghanistan or working at a gas station.   Military service isn’t making you less of a jackass regarding this.


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  1. I served my country too, and I never felt the need to tell anyone I served for their right to do anything. Stupid.

    I wish you were Cody’s friend on Facebook. He gives me hope that in the future, things will be better. A while back he posted, “Still bans on gay marriage? And people say there isn’t racism in America today.”

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