Wild Hairs


So we dropped by to visit our dear friend Amber.  Amber is what you might call very energetic.  She is also possessed of the impulse to improve everything she touches.  We call Amber when we need to rearrange a room and haven’t the slightest idea how to position things.

Amber has recently made over her kitchen on a shoestring budget and viewing it has caused us to come down with a raging case of Kitchen Envy.  It turns out that a shoestring budget is our specialty, because we have to put new siding on the house this year and cannot afford much toward updating anything else.  Yet our horrible kitchen is so repulsive that we cannot stand to look at it any longer.  The appliances are decent, but the cabinets are funky and old and the sheet vinyl flooring is pretty beat up.

But we have a few dollars to throw at this, so we paid a visit to Homey’s to “look” at colors and so forth.

You know where this is going.

The back end of the van is filled with peel-and-stick floor tiles, cans of paint, and this fantastic thing we found called countertop paint.  Our existing countertop is… well… well, it’s green.  It’s bulletproof, in decent shape, not torn up, but it’s green.  Sort of a pale avocado green.  Frankly, I’m not a fan.

So The Lovely Rhonda had me bring in the paint cans so we could get a little idea of what the transformation will look like.

Manly, yes, but we like it too.

You can just see the countertop color below the outlet.

In related matters, we rang up a friend a couple of houses away to inquire whether she might have a palm sander or similar we could borrow since there seems to be a lot of sanding involved in this project.  She is of the sensible-shoed lesbian persuasion so stereotypically speaking might have a few power tools cluttering up the garage.  We once borrowed a socket wrench from her as I recall.

“Did you forget who you’re talking to?” she chuckled.  “Of course I have one.  Let me know when you’re starting the project and I’ll come over and laugh at you.  I mean watch you.”

We start Thursday.  See you all then?


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