Gaming for non-gamers


An actual conversation:

Me: Oooh, I got a new companion.

The Lovely Rhonda: What, another one?

Me: Yeah.  Some uptight former Imperial soldier girl.

TLR: So how many is that?

Me: Well I have the robot.  The cat-guy. And this chick just now.

TLR: Oh you mean your ship’s robot?

Me: No, it’s a war robot.  Pew pew!*

TLR: So you have four?

Me: No, three.  Oh, plus the ship’s robot.  The irritating protocol droid who stands in the entryway and says annoying things as you go by.

TLR: So you have four?!  No fair!  I just have a healer and Qyzen Fess. (voice drips with disdain)

Me: Ew, Lizard-face?!

TLR: Yeah.  Chuh!  Why you get four?!

Me: Because I kick ass and I’m squeaky clean.  Whatever you say, captain!  On the double, captain!  We can’t let those naughty Imps win, captain!

TLR: You suck.

Me:  Love you too, honey.

*Pew pew is the sound laser pistols make when you fire them.  PEW PEW!  PEW!


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