Helga hates America some more


So I met with Helga this morning for a delightful half-hour of grunting and swearing.  It was an arms and upper body day so now my arms feel like noodly appendages, thus bringing me closer to FSM.  Totally backfiring, Helga!

After the torment had ended, I was directed to the DeathMaster for thirty more minutes of fun.  I set it to level 3, because once you’ve progressed  you can’t go back unless there is a good reason for it, like your if leg falls clean off or there is a sale at Penney’s.

At 13 minutes remaining I hit the pause button, and at 7 minutes remaining I hit it again.  But only for one minute each time.

I was distracted at the end of my session by Helga introducing another victim client to the DeathMaster.  Oh, how it pained me to watch her expression fill with horror and dread as he dragged her over and indicated that she should mount up and start marching.  Another innocent soul lost to the soul-sucking DeathMaster. She kept up a brave front but I knew how she felt on the inside.  Bemused, bewildered, betrayed.  Also, sweaty and tired.

A friend of mine joined this thing called the 100 Days Challenge put on by John Bingham, this average guy who decided to run when he was 43, an overweight couch potato with his mortality staring him in the face.  He’s gone on to run marathons, never as an elite runner but as a guy who really loves to run.

I can identify with this; I’m never going to be an elite anything (particularly anything athletic) but it turns out I like to be active.  I’m just really busy, really lazy and forget to plan, and this makes it hard to exercise.  But I read a quote a few months ago that hit home, from this guy who had lost a ton of weight, maybe from one of those “Biggest Loser” shows.  I rather wish I’d saved the quote somewhere but basically it said,  “You can do whatever you want, you have time to exercise; it’s just a case of making time for it.  I get up at 5:30 every morning to go to the gym.”  I know, it seems so obvious, right?  But for some reason it hit home: this won’t happen unless I make it happen, and if it means getting up early because that’s the only time that works for me and my family, well then it means getting up early.  You just have to WANT to do what you’re getting up early to do.

I mulled all this over for probably a month or two before one night the impulse just carried me away and I found myself making an appointment with a trainer.  And I really like Helga (despite what I post here, which is for comic relief) and he pushes me hard enough to work but not so hard that I can’t stand the thought of coming to the gym.

So when my friend posted that she was signing up for this challenge, which is free and is just an informal contract you make with yourself to be active for thirty minutes every day for a hundred days, I thought it sounded like fun.

Yesterday, Day 1, The Lovely Rhonda and I leashed up the dogfaces and strolled around the neighborhood for a half hour.  It wasn’t terribly taxing but the dogs enjoyed it, we got out into the air, and I got to check off a day on the chart.  Yay!

But don’t tell Helga.  He might get the idea that I like this stuff.



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