The Nerdery — UPDATED


(If you are any of my nephews, please do not read this post until after Dec. 24th)

So last night I was FB chatting with my sister-in-law, the long-suffering mother of five children, about Christmas gift ideas for the kids.

The fact that they are all boys, and that three of them are directly related to my brother, just compounds the misery.  But that’s another story.

It turns out the nephews would like an expansion set for a game that they play, and this game is not found in your typical MegaSuperUltraStuffToBuyMart.  So, we got onto the internets (a system of tubes, as I understand it) and located a game store across the river in Gotham City.  It’s open from noon to midnight, to better attract the basement dwellers that are its prime customers.  I called them to see whether they had this game in stock.

“We do, I will hold you a copy!” said the extremely helpful earnest young dork/nerd/geek.  And off into the weirdly foggy night I drove.  Fifteen minutes later I entered the inner sanctum.  I am fairly sure that unless their letter carrier or games delivery person is female, I am most likely the only person of the girl persuasion to have voluntarily entered this establishment since the owners’ Moms were helping them set up the store before it opened.

There was a gaming group just breaking up for the evening  (it was 11pm, after all, and Mom has gotten pretty serious about that curfew lately WHAT IS WITH HER OMG).  Perhaps a dozen dorks/nerds/geeks between the ages of 15 and 30 were gabbling on about the game equivalent of 1’s and 0’s as they donned their Members Only jackets and gathered up their game supplies into their backpacks.

So let’s just talk about stereotypes.  Earnest, overly-helpful, chubby gamer dork at the register.  Gaggle of never-even-kissed-a-girl basement-dwellers talking excitedly about nerdy gaming details.  And… that smell.

If I had to describe the smell I’d say it was a combination of musty, under-heated, slightly damp storefront, Axe, and locker room.

I was tempted by the array of games on display but was compelled to flee before the retching set in.

Isn’t it fun to visit other cultures?  I wish I’d gotten some photos.

UPDATE:  I found the receipt in the car the other day. I titled this post “The Nerdery” which is a name I stole from a friend (thanks Ange!) because it totally fit the idea of a game store full of dorks, nerds and geeks.

I had no idea that the establishment, Red Castle Games, is actually known as RED CASTLE GAMES — THE NERDERY.  So saith the receipt, which I didn’t even look at when it was handed to me.

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