She needs the pink one.


So the other evening The Lovely Rhonda’s girls and I had a little time to kill.  The babysitter who was supposed to be in place by noon was late.

Yesterday she called off entirely, and now the girls’ dad is looking for another sitter.  I don’t think this woman understands that if she calls off at 530pm, the dad can’t go to work the next day unless he can pull another sitter out of thin air.   She allegedly had “an appointment” the next morning.  Which she apparently didn’t know about until 530pm the night before?  I don’t know.  Seems weird.

At any rate, we spent this time doing a wee bit of gift shopping for TLR, upon which I will not elaborate at this time, but we also selected some things for some  little girl friends of ours.  They are four and six, just like Rhonda’s girls.  They picked out some dollies.

“But we have to get something for Kirsten,” says the six year old very firmly.  Kirsten is the other little girls’ mom.  “Oh?”  I say.  “What shall we get?  What do you think she’d like to have?”

“Lip gloss,” says the six year old without missing a beat.

“Yeah, wip gwoss,” agrees the four year old rather knowingly.

So we hit the cosmetic aisle and locate some Bonne Bell lip gloss.  “Which color should we get?”  I ask.

“Pink,” says the six year old.  She is nothing if not decisive.

“Okay… light pink, or dark pink?”

“Light pink,” she says.  “Yeah.  She needs light pink.  Because?  I’ve been looking at her lips, and trying to figure out what color would be best, and I think that what she needs is light pink.”

“Yeah, wight pink,” says the four year old.  Like, of course!  Duh!

Wight pink indeed.  Merry Christmas, Kirsten!

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