Suffering and Splendor


So I spent a rather low-key Thanksgiving Day loafing, seeing a movie, and putting up a few lights here at Swampy Acres.

The movie wasn’t bad, for three bucks.  I wouldn’t have wanted to pay full price for it, but it was fun and silly and visually very pretty.  It was The 3 Musketeers.  Not the worst movie I’ve ever seen (certainly no Cabin Boy) but not one I’m keen to rush out and buy the DVD for either.  This despite my abiding love of bodices, Milla Jovovich, and Milla Jovovich in a bodice.

And then I and my friend Josh headed outside to hang lights.  Actually I went outside to hang the lights and Josh went out to supervise.  He is slightly curmudgeonly and it is my belief that he will get coal in his stocking this year.  Nevertheless he is a good sport and even assisted me despite the fact that it was windy and rainy and cold outside.

It was all going well in that the lights were still functional from last year and I was able to locate them and the extension cord in fairly short order.  This is an improvement over the usual state of affairs in which I would most typically find the lights, after an exhaustive search, tied in a giant knot inside of a box marked “YEARBOOKS,” and half the string would be burned out, and the extension cord would have been severed in two by the lawnmower at some point over the summer.  So this is progress, of a sort.

But then I stumbled and fell onto some large decorative rocks in the front flowerbed, and now my right knee has a sort of extra auxiliary knee alongside itself.  An auxiliary knee that smarts rather a lot and is purplish with a scrape on it.  And my chenille glove got all torn.


I did not sustain any injuries putting up the ones inside the window even though there were small suction cups involved.  Just FYI.


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