We win.


So we had this new “ductless” heating system installed recently.

The installation company had sent out the nicest guy ever to give us an estimate.  We were excited to get going on this project.

Then the installation company did some things we were not so excited about.

They screwed up the scheduling and told us they’d be here a week before they actually intended to do the work.

They left our cat trapped in the crawl space and it took us 15 hours to figure out he was down there.

They broke The Lovely Rhonda’s dresser.

And they ran some kind of drainage tubing or something directly in front of our dryer exhaust vent.  Which caused our dryer to clog up and stop drying, and we had to get the tireless Kenny to come fix for us.

And then?  They did the worst thing of all.

When TLR called them to complain, the owner’s wife (who in our humble opinions should not be engaging in customer relations activities of any kind) was defensive and obnoxious and denied that any of these things could have occurred.

This left TLR no recourse but to complain to the power company, which provided the financing.

Today the owner called us.  He’ll be coming by tomorrow to have a look at everything.  The installer who broke the dresser fessed up to it.  He’s new and didn’t know he should not have moved furniture without permission or assistance from the homeowner.




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