Why Hello There, Mr. Pratchett


Okay, so I didn’t actually MEET Terry Pratchett today, but it was the next best thing.

I have this thing wherein if I enter a thrift store for any reason I peruse the book section for Terry Pratchett books.  I usually come up with nothing because who in their right mind gives away a Terry Pratchett book?  But once in a while someone else’s misfortune benefits me.  I can picture it:

“Honey, where did my copy of Thud! go?”

“Your what?”

“You know.  That book?  With the helmet on the front?  That book that is MADE OF AWESOME?”

“Oh, that old thing?  Oh, I gave that musty old thing to the Goodwill months ago.  Let’s go see Breaking Dawn tonight!”

This exact scenario, no doubt, accounts for the high rate of divorce these days.

Anyway, over the many months that I have pursued this bizarre hobby I have managed to accumulate a few titles.  It’s the thrill of the hunt, since I could waltz in to Powell’s and buy any and all titles that I could wish for, but it rankles me to pay that much.  Besides, it seems more meaningful somehow to gather them piecemeal like this.

(I really would waltz, too, because that is the kind of dork I am.  Trust me, this is better for everyone.)

Anyway this evening I had some unwanted junk that needed a new home so we dropped it off at the drive-through donation thingy at Goodwill, and then Delia convinced me that we should go inside to look for a stuffed animal.  Because the fifty or so that she has are all so boring now.  I agreed to this with the caveat that she would part with one of her existing animals to make room for it.  Of course I had to meander through the book section, and of course I had to find the science fiction/fantasy shelves, and of course there they were.

Four titles, three of which I was positive that we didn’t own and one that I wasn’t sure about.  And all inexpensively priced!    I literally (ha ha) could not lay my hands on them fast enough, and it was all I could do not to scurry out of the store cackling and rubbing my gnarled old hands together.

You look so nice up there on the bookshelf, Mr. Pratchett.

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