An adventurous evening.


So this evening we returned from running a couple of errands.  Well, I and two of the children did.  The Lovely Rhonda had to run the youngest to an impromptu doctor’s appointment.  I’d tell you why, but if it’s common knowledge then we can’t use it to embarrass her to death when we tell it to her date when he/she comes to pick her up for the prom.

I noticed that there were a lot of things knocked askew on higher shelves and counters, which I rightly blamed on the cats.   I didn’t think much else of it, aside from the usual curses and expletives.

Then after everyone was home again and I was closing the curtains for the evening, I noticed blood and bird droppings on the inside of the front windowsill.  And realized I’d seen one of the cats sniffing and pawing around at the couch.   So I asked TLR to help me move the couch.  And we did, and there it was.  A big, rather apprehensive looking starling blinking in the light at me, looking fairly healthy for all it must have gone through.

So we opened up all the doors and locked the cats in the bedroom, and eventually it flapped and fluttered around enough to end up clinging to a little framed picture in the kitchen, whereupon I captured it with a work-gloved hand and escorted it outside whereupon it flew away post-haste.  Not that I could blame it.  Oh, the stories it would be telling its starling friends.  (Assuming that birds of a feather really do flock together.)

Then we moved on to checking the laundry, which seems to be taking forever to dry these days.   After spending a good hour poking around at its mysterious inner workings we have concluded that it is choked with lint and needs to be disassembled and cleaned out.  It turns out that I’m not quite this level of awesome when it comes to home appliance maintenance, so everyone’s favorite handyman Kenny will be dropping by to tackle this for us Friday or Saturday.

He’s got a real job now, by the way!  We’re super happy for him, but … who’s going to do our siding next summer?!



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