A little too soon.


So I was home last night, unexpectedly, and had to hand out candy to the masses.  And by masses I mean the roughly twelve kids who came to the door.

Later after The Lovely Rhonda came home from work and all the Halloween non-excitement died down, we sat idly gaming over our dinners with the TV going in the other room.

And then I heard it.

I heard a Christmas-themed commercial for something.  And then another.  And another.

And today, while I sat on the couch waiting for my eyes to regain focus after an eye exam, I found to my horror that there was a Pringles commercial on that featured a huge animated Christmas tree with garlands of Pringles potato chips swirling around it. Because what says Christmas more than salty snack foods?  All I could think about was how the chips would disintegrate all over everything and I’d have to vacuum again.

But I digress.

Now, I love me some Christmas all up in here.  And TLR gives me crap because I will happily listen to Christmas music in the car from the day after Thanksgiving onward, so you know I’m not exactly overly sensitive about these things.

But it wasn’t even the first day of November and it’s all about Christmas already.

THIS IS SO WRONG!  We’re going to get desensitized and Christmas won’t be special anymore!  Remember when you could only watch “The Wizard of Oz” when they showed it on TV, like once or twice a year at most, and it was this huge occasion?  My mom would let us eat our dinners on newspaper spread out on the floor so we wouldn’t miss anything.  Now you can see it anytime you want and nobody watches it anymore.  😦

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