If you give a kid a cardboard box


(With apologies to Laura Numeroff)

If you have an Expensive Kitchen Gadgetry Party, you will give your grown-up guests alcoholic beverages.

If you give your grown-up guests alcoholic beverages, they will order some gadgetry.

If your guests order some gadgetry, the Expensive Kitchen Gadgetry company will charge them each individually for shipping, yet deliver their gadgetry to your house in a large carton.

The large carton will appeal to small children and cats.

The children and cats will enter and exit the box countless times for days on end.

The entering and exiting will eventually wear the carton out and it will be smashed to bits.

You will place the bits in the recycling bin, and go inside to cook dinner.

While you are cooking dinner, you will drink an alcoholic beverage.

Drinking the beverage while cooking will remind you of the Expensive Kitchen Gadgetry party…

What's all this about cookies?


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