So tomorrow night we’re going to see The Blue Man Group.

Since we kind of got jacked out of an actual restful vacation of any kind, we comforted ourselves with inexpensive season tickets to a bunch of Broadway shows, and this week it’s some guys in blue rubber outfits doing strange things onstage for money.

Oh, as if you haven’t done worse for less.

We’ll have to get a sitter, which is always fun.  Yes, we pay someone to attempt to herd the little beasts into bed.  This is usually met with varying degrees of success, i.e. at least one of the little darlings will resist all efforts.  Often this results in one or both of the others not being able to get to sleep either what with All The Excitement.  So, we pay yet again in that the next day some combination of the Collective Spawn are grouchy, tearful or both due to lack of sleep.

(I would gladly turn a blind eye — indeed, would pay a handsome premium, even– should the sitter care to employ the Spock pinch or similar on one or more of the offending parties, but sadly they don’t seem teach this time-honored technique to your modern child care enthusiasts anymore.  Why, I don’t know. IT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.)

And, just in case we haven’t suffered enough, we are met with the one-two punch of the CHUCK E CHEESE PRESCHOOL FUNDRAISER EVENT on Thursday night followed by the magnificent ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CARNIVAL on Friday.   They do serve beer at Chuck E Cheese, although I am skeptical that anything so magical as beer could possibly be included in the qualifying receipts for this kind of thing.  It brings me great sorrow to announce that no alcoholic beverage of any kind is served at elementary school carnivals, a topic about which I have previously posted.

(It’s funny, I talk a lot about alcoholic beverages for someone who actually indulges rather infrequently.  And you’ll notice that it’s referenced nearly exclusively in relation to parenting.  PARENTHOOD IS SO MAGICAL OMG.)

This is one of the weekends wherein I will not have children for part of the time, so at least one of us will be able to recover from the ordeal enough to lay around the house and complain about how bored I am by Sunday afternoon.



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