Urgent Situation


So we have these friends, and one of them (presumably the female one) is about to burst forth with child.

It’s a long complicated story and I wouldn’t want to hash their bidness out in the intertewbs, but let’s just say that there is a) a meddling ex, b) a new love, c) two existing children, d) a less than helpful family situation, and e) high drama.

Oh and also?  Breech position and dwindling amniotic fluid.  So yeah.  Urgent C-section.

The New Love unfortunately works in the Deep South temporarily.  He can’t get here until tomorrow evening.

The Not-So-Doting Grandmother is busy this weekend and less than interested in returning, despite the fact that a new grandchild will make the scene shortly and her other two granddaughters are thirty miles away with friends.  There are of course other factors, but the most galling IMHO is the fact that she’s not dropping everything and rushing home to be with her daughter.

The Helpful Sister has to work and can’t afford (one assumes) to take the night off.


So that is how we came to have an additional two children for one night, if not two nights.  Yes, friends, as I type this there are five girl children in my house, ages 7 and under.

Oh, and just because this wasn’t complicated enough, the younger of the two additional children?  Yes, today is her fourth birthday.

Which is why there are cupcakes in the oven and a Barbie playset hiding in my bedroom.

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