So my cousin got all motivated to look through some slides recently and found a couple that were taken in 1973 at my grandmother’s house.   We were visiting at the tail end of our trek from Jacksonville, Florida to Kalama, Washington.  I was nearly six.

Here’s one of the pictures, of me and my beautiful mother:

Granger, Washington, 1973.

First of all, check out my self-conscious hunching!  Guess I started young.

Also?  Note how I came up about to my mother’s elbow, or a little higher.  I’m close to my mother’s height now, and my daughter Delia at this age was nearly a full head taller than I was.  Yikes.

Now let’s just have a look at me and Delia at nearly the same age:

Me, age nearly six

Delia, age six and a half

Uncanny, no?

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