Fall cleaning


So The Lovely Rhonda and I did a small amount of important shopping today.

We were compelled to shop for a new comforter because our cat Rhonda’s cat Hermione is too retarded to figure out the new pet door.  My retarded cat has figured out the door, although he still busts through it like someone’s kicking him through it.

So we were laying around waking up for the day the other morning and Hermione came in yelling things in Retarded Cat Language.   We naturally assumed this was related to what Hermione regards as a National Emergency, namely that levels of dry food in the cat bowls were reaching dangerous lows.  That is to say, perhaps only 2/3 full each.

A moment later she hunkered over where my feet were on the bed and suddenly things became warm.  And damp.  And smelly.

A moment after that, Hermione found herself abruptly seized and launched out of the new, confusingly functional pet door.

So, we threw out the bedding.  The sheets were kind of old, the mattress pad was torn in one spot, and I had virtually no hope of ever getting cat whiz out of the comforter.  That fluffy batting?  Yeah, no.

Then when we got home from the shopping TLR decided that this was the day that the air conditioners came out of the windows.  We celebrated this rather disproportionately because if all goes well, and it gives every indication that it will, we’ll have “ductless heating” installed here in a matter of a couple of weeks.  And it includes air conditioning!  So no more window units.  Chances are good that we’ll keep the window units for another year just to see how the summer goes, but I’m hoping not to have to use them.

Well, of course the windows were a bit grimy from the summer’s dust.  So of course I had to break out the long-handled car-washing brush and the squeegee and the bucket of soapy water and the hose, and I had to wash all the windows.  And scrub the screens.   And stow some junk in the garage.  And and and.

And soon, perhaps even tomorrow, I’ll unhook the hoses and put them in the garage and put those bosomy faucet covers on, and then winter can come.


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