Lost and Found


So about a week ago my keys disappeared.  My bitchin’ pink skulls house key, my car key, my car-door-unlocky-thingy, my thumb drive, my much-beloved tiny-orange-Croc keychain.  Just gone!


We, and by we I mean The Lovely Rhonda and our friend OCD Amber, did a lot of furniture moving, and then we (mostly me, IT’S TOTALLY TRUE) did a lot of housecleaning, but still my keys didn’t turn up.  A mystery!

Tonight while I was doing laundry I finally tackled a bag of froofy dresses that the girls wore to get their picture taken a week ago on Saturday.

And my keys fell out of Delia’s brown Mary Jane shoe.

I NEVER GAVE UP ON YOU, KEYS!  *cries tears of joy*


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