So we used to call our former home, the World’s Shittiest Apartment, “The Swamp.”  When we moved here to this house we named our wifi “Le Swampe Nouveaux” which is a terrible bastardized thing that probably has anyone with even a primordial understanding of French feeling pretty disillusioned right now.  Yes, I know the x on the end means plural, etc.  I don’t speak French, so as they say: pardon my French.  IT’S A JOKE, PEOPLE.

Anyway, now that the house is becoming less ghetto and trashy and starting to look as though its occupants actually give a flying …something… about how it looks, I’m starting to rethink the Swampe motif.



I mean, to be fair, although it’s kind of a hodgepodge of our stuff and needs work, it’s still a lot better than it was.  And it’s LIGHT YEARS from the apartment.

Next year there will be the much-anticipated new siding project, and sometime in the future the kitchen will be upgraded.  It’s even more stuck in the 70’s than the rest of the house, and don’t even get me started on the cabinetry and its sad state of disrepair.  Let’s just say that certain of the drawers should not be handled too energetically, unless you want to pick up a lot of silverware off the floor.

Since there is a certain amount of redheadedness going on around here, I’m thinking of “The Burrow.”  It nicely conveys the rickety qualities and imparts a certain affectionate sense as well.


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