The traditional Autumn post


So I recall that around this time last year I posted about how it was raining and the cat was laying across my arms on the table and it was fall and stuff.  This is my favorite time of year for a lot of reasons, the turning leaves and the crisp air and the new crayons for school and all that.  And the rain, and the staying in and being warm on a cold day.

Friday night we had a party in which many small children were present.  It turned out to be a warm day and the kids played for hours outside, which I’m sure the neighbors appreciated what with all the shrieking.  When dusk fell we broke out the flashlights and let them roam the yard excitedly while the fire pit was being readied.  They are drawn to the fire as we all are, it must be some caveman thing, and pretty soon it was “getting all Lord of the Flies out there” as The Lovely Rhonda described it.


We made them s’mores and sent them home, grimy and full of sugar as is only proper, and then the grown-ups got to reclaim the fire pit in the name of alcoholism.  Just kidding!  But we did all sit around and flap our gums and drink things in bottles for a while.  I’m sure the neighbors loved that too, as the last guests finally staggered off around 1am. It was chilly enough after dark that I almost had to go put pants on, but the fire and the things in bottles compensated for lack of pant-legs well enough.

Yesterday we attended a 3-year-old’s birthday party where the theme was PINK.  We wore pink, we played games having to do with pink, we ate pink cake and pink ice cream and drank pink punch.  I’m thankful that nobody threw up pink, so far anyway.

Then we hustled off to mother’s where there was a family gathering.  I don’t recall that any of the foodstuffs there was pink, for which I’m eternally grateful.  The kids were reasonably well-behaved, for them, and we drove away in the rainy dark for home.  There were a lot of people tending burn piles earlier in the day and the smell of damp burning leaves further drove the fall point home.

When we got home, all three cats were inside the house and curled up in their Designated Sleeping Places.

It must be fall.





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